We design and produce innovative, creative and personalised memorabilia.

LifeTile™ are three dimensional, colourful displays of a person’s life

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We design and produce innovative, creative and personalised memorabilia to celebrate the memory and lives of individuals.

Each LifeTile™ can be personalised to reflect not only the name, age and reflection on a personality but also their hobby, sport, interests, background and ethnicity.

LifeTile™ are three dimensional, colourful displays of a person’s life. Display them at a funeral, a wake, a memorial service, and take them home afterwards. They can be used over and over.

Make them the centrepiece of a remembrance drink at the deceased’s local pub.

Create one to display at their workplace so that work colleagues are informed – or at their school, college or university.

LifeTile™ allows you to expand the moments and locations that a remembrance occasion can be created. It can be formal, casual or crazy.

Choose from a huge range of designs or ask us to design one just for you.


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Able to be created with unlimited designs and options, LifeTile® can be designed to suit your local area, ethnic or religious groups, sporting teams, clubs, associations, schools. They can be traditional and conservative or colourful and crazy! If you can’t find one you like, ask us to design one for you.


Our unique TimeTile products are LifeTile™ that include the deceased’s life events in a timeline format. Designed to inform funeral and memorial service attendees about the other parts of the deceased’s life that they were not aware of – a visual eulogy.

Order of Service

Why not coordinate the look and feel of the Order of Service to match the theme you choose for the LifeTile™ you order. Make it special and personal by including the hobbies, sports team or other interests as part of the Order of Service. Use our Order of Service Tool to upload, edit and create the order of service. We can arrange to print it or you can download the PDF file to print your self.

Electronic donation payment Tool

We can incorporate a QR code right onto your LifeTile™ that allows funeral attendees to make donations directly from the funeral via their mobile device. The family chooses the charity and we create the link. Even with no cash, donations can be made from the event in real-time.

Coffin Plates

Available in a range of sizes and materials, we can create Coffin Plates according to a chosen theme or create your own. Anything from a special hand written message from grandchildren through to sport teams or car brands. Infinite options.

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  • A customised ordering page on your existing website
  • Order tracking and management

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