Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about LifeTile

Typically, at a funeral, wake, memorial service, family gathering, school, workplace or any other location and event organised to celebrate someone’s life. Funeral Industry Partners can include any business that participates or supplies services to Funeral Clients.
LifeTile is only available from registered Funeral Industry partners. Contact Us to find one near you.
  • 01. Become a LifeTile™ Funeral Industry Partner by clicking on the REGISTER button below or contact us by email or telephone.

  • 02. Choose one or more relevant designs from our catalogue.

  • 03. Provide client information and/or photos for each chosen design.

  • 04. Review the draft we send you and confirm.

  • 05. Your LifeTile™(s) will be delivered to your chosen address.

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